Never Forget

Nine years ago this morning, I got to work early to get started on the usual morning paperwork.  As part of my morning “ritual,” I checked the headlines online before getting ready to dive into whatever was on my plate for the day.  I never made it past the first headline…

I remember the news sites all crashed.  Those of us in the office that early quickly gathered in the conference room and hooked up the TV.  I called my wife, and told her to turn on the news.  We talked to each on the phone as we watched events unfold.

What we watched that morning left us horrified and terrified.  Our children would never know the innocence of the world we had been blessed with in our childhood.  The world was changing forever.  There was no turning back.

Our very freedom was attacked that morning.  As a country we rose as one to fight back.  Since the very founding of this country, there has never been such a powerful and unilateral demonstration of support and unity than in the weeks following that day.  But with each year that passes, it becomes easier and easier for us to relax, let down our guard, and let the memory of those images fade further out of sight.  We can’t let that happen.  We can’t let the lives lost on that day be lost in vain.

So please take a moment, at some time during the day today, to reflect back on that moment when our world was shaken, but our foundation was unbroken.  Because we did not fall, and we must never forget.


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