This is Our Time…

This site is only just coming on two weeks old now, and the desire (and urge) to fill it with all kinds of information right away is tempting.  But the whole idea is to keep up posting on a regular basis to keep you coming back day after day.  And looking at stats (yes, I do check those), the difference between weekday and weekend “views” is pretty clear.  You’ve got a lot of things going on.  Checking the computer is low on that list, and visiting this little site in the middle of the internet is even lower.  The weekend is “your” time, when you try to get all the things done you didn’t have time to do during the week because you were shuttling kids to school, busy at work, or checking this site to see what sort of recipes and information we had to offer.

And that’s all cool.  Because the weekend is our time too.  We’ve got a lot happening.  We’ve got swim lessons, charity fundraisers with the gym, birthday parties, housecleaning, home projects, and maybe a little leisure time as well to try to get in.  And that’s just this weekend….

The point is, we also need a break.  So we’re going to take one.  That doesn’t mean we’re not working on things – just that we’re making sure we’ve got a full load of good stuff ready for the next week.  So that we can let this site grow and keep it as a resource for everyone (including ourselves) on what sort of things you can eat while living Primal.

So, instead of being disappointed that we don’t have a new recipe or gadget or secret to share today, consider this.  Do a little homework.  Make one of the recipes we’ve posted so far.  Just one.  You’ve got a few to choose from so far (the list is growing).  Or go pick up a new spice you’ve never used before.  And report back on what YOU thought.  Because we’d love to hear it!

Speaking of the title of this post – can anyone name the movie it’s from?  The photo at the top gives a hint.


One response to “This is Our Time…

  1. For those of you wondering, this is the house in the movie, The Goonies! Located in Astoria, Oregon.