Great Reads and My Soap Box

So check it out, I got Robb Wolf’s new book in the mail this week.   I highly recommend this book to anyone and everyone.  It will definitely open your eyes about nutrition and health.  Robb is quite humorous and makes the science easy to follow with some great examples and analogies.  He found out that much of the information he was led to believe about nutrition was wrong.  He is not a doctor.  His major is biochemistry.  He knows how food reacts with your body, how hormones are regulated, and how this all plays a major role in the proper function of your body.  He has helped thousands of people to live more healthy lives by educating them about nutrition and exercise.  Many of these people (including Robb himself)  have gotten off meds recommended by their doctors as they were doing more harm than good.  He also discusses sleep, exercise, and stress.

Maybe you think that you already know about nutrition and “healthy food”  (if whole grains and low-fat items are in your everday diet, you have a long way to go to educate yourself about what is healthy for you).  Don’t be fooled by the title of his book.  He does not mean the word “diet” in the way it is thrown around loosely by society such as “I am on a diet” – (ie today I will eat this, but down the road when I am thinner, I will not).  He means diet as if to say, “what kind of foods are in your diet?”  This way of eating is NOT A DIET in the term that we hear everyone say.  This is eating the way your body was designed to eat.  Period.  Eating this way does not mean you are on a “diet.”  It means you have discovered what you are to eat as a human, what your body needs and craves to be healthful, to function properly, and to hopefully live free of inflammation and disease.

Look around you.  Many people are overweight or skinny-fat (thin, but unhealthy).  Maybe you are.  Maybe your kids are.  This is the scariest thing to me – overweight children.  I know 12-year-old children with type 2 diabetes.  As Robb mentions, someone might say that nowadays everyone looks like that; it is “normal.”  No, it is not normal.  It may be common, but it is by far from normal.  We are killing ourselves with the food we eat and by following the food pyramid that the government recommends.

We need to stop trying to find the quick fix.  A supplement here and some medication there.  This is no joke.  You are what you eat.  Put into your body what it needs and it will perform for you.  It will slim itself down to where it is happiest, healthiest. Give it what is inflammatory and harmful and it will stop working properly.  Maybe later than sooner you will see the effects, but it will happen.  Remember that just because you can’t necessarily feel anything, doesn’t mean you are not doing any harm.

Yes, exercise is something we all definitely need (Note:  Just going for a jog to ward off the drinks or fried food that was consumed the day before doesn’t count).  Ask Casey.  He started eating right and working out about 2x a week, and he lost 45 pounds in a year.  He is now leaner and stronger.  Just 2x a week and 45 pounds?? Obviously, it was not only just the exercise.  The right food for your body is powerful, very powerful.

Inflammatory diseases such as arthritis (and a plethora of others) are caused by improper nutrition.  You may not have time to exercise, but you have time to eat.  So, when you eat, make the right choices in food… see what it does for you, see how you feel.  I challenge you.  Go ahead and play devil’s advocate.  I want you to prove me wrong.   No amount of situps in the world is going to give you those six-pack abs.  No special drink or smoothie will give you that big boost in energy you have been looking for.  No special pill is going to melt away the fat.  Learn to eat right, move the way you were meant to move (I definitely suggest finding time to exercise), get some sleep, and you will see results.   Educate yourself.  Here are some other books that I  recommend.  I have even seen some of these books at the Goodwill and you can also get them at the library.  If you live close to me, I will even loan you mine.  Hopefully you have no excuse now.  Don’t have time too cook?  Well that is what this blog is for, to help you out.  These meals are all fairly quick and easy.  Make time for you, for your health.   Maybe there is something you can cut out of your daily routine that is doing more harm than good; replace that routine with exercise.  Over the years, most of your time may be spent at the doctor’s office if you don’t get a handle on your health now.   Time to get outside that comfort zone.  Time to stop kidding yourself that it won’t happen to you.  Time to get out and enjoy life, to feel great about yourself.  🙂

I am reminded of this old song called Little Boxes.  Don’t get caught in the rut.   We need to help ourselves and then to hopefully give back and help someone else. Ask questions, comment on the blog, read some of these books.  We want to hear your story.


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