Stainless Mixing Bowl Set

We’ve had a few messages come in recently via the “Contact Us” tab asking about some of the different kitchen tools visible in our photos.  In responding to those requests, I remembered that I had created the Kitchen Tools That Don’t Suck category for that exact reason – to show off the tools we use in our kitchen.  The whole reason for showcasing some of those tools was to help others see reviews of some of the things we’ve spent our money on to make cooking easier or more enjoyable…and often after having previously spent our money on other things that didn’t work out so well.  So I thought it would be a good time to blow a little dust off that category and spend a day away from recipes to talk about one of the “tools” we use very often in our kitchen.

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Over the years, we’ve collected quite a number of Pampered Chef items…some of which I can no longer imagine cooking without, and a few that I would never consider using again.  Of course some of it has to do with personal cooking style, recipe and food choices, and matching the tool correctly to the task (or even having a real need for the tool to start with).  In other cases, it simply has to do with whether one company’s vegetable peeler design really is better or not.  No company can claim that everything they make is better than that of everyone else – whether they are in the business of power tools, kitchenwares, or plumbing fixtures.  If they do, they’re blowing smoke.  And I only like smoke when I’m cooking on the grill…

So what did we choose when it came to buying a set of various sized mixing bowls to use for, well, mixing?  The Pampered Chef set of 2-, 4-, and 6-qt stainless steel mixing bowls (we’ve also got an 8-qt bowl that they have since discontinued…I think it was a “host special” or something like that).  Granted, they run a tad on the spendy side if you buy them outright, so it might be a good excuse to cave and host a show for your friend that sells it!  Seriously, though, they’ve got features that we hadn’t seen on other bowls up to that point (and we quit looking after we got these).  Features like deep sides and a wide stable bottom, a silicone rubber-coated bottom that won’t slip on the counter, a surprisingly handy thumb-hole for gripping when pouring or mixing vigorously, graduated measure marks every 2 cups (and every liter), and a pour-spout placed opposite the thumb-hole.  They also come with a set of lids, although we don’t end up using those very often.  And, of course, they all nest together to fit in the cupboard easily.

It adds up to a combination that makes them an important and useful tool in our kitchen.  Whether we are using the 2- or 4-quart bowls to whisk up a half-dozen eggs for a frittata or to mix some almond pancakes, or are using the 6- or 8-quart bowls to toss a huge salad or endive and sausage spaghetti, there is rarely a meal prepared in our kitchen when at least one of these bowls isn’t involved (as is evident in a lot of our recipe photos).  And, of course, they can be tossed into the dishwasher for clean up too!

Pampered Chef Stainless Steel Mixing Bowl Set (hopefully that link works, otherwise search for item #1735 on Pampered Chef’s website).


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