Getting Busy

If you’ve been a loyal follower of our site for any length of time, you probably noticed that we didn’t have a new post today.  Don’t worry – we’re not going anywhere.  But, as the weather starts (finally) to improve here, we find ourselves drawn to spend more and more time outside (where we should be anyway) and less time inside.  With yard work, kids’ activities, spring and summer plans, hiking trips, vacations, and simple vitamin D synthesis (napping in the sun) all wrestling for a share of our time amongst busy work schedules and other commitments, it is often hard to find an extra hour to sit down and write up a post before 10 or 11 pm (and we still need to try to get some sleep too!).

So, for now at least, we’re going to slow down just a little with our updates…from the consistent 5 days per week we’ve been doing since last September to a bit more random 3~5 days per week (so not TOO much different).  We’ll still be cooking, trying new recipes, and sharing our experiences in the kitchen.  But we’ll be leaving ourselves just a little more time to focus on everything else we’ve got going on as well.  We’re sure you can understand.


3 responses to “Getting Busy

  1. we sure do, Good job on all your recipes. This will maybe let some of us try out more of the recipes while you are taking a breather. Enjoy your family.
    Love Aunt DJ

  2. Hi ,
    I recently came across your blog( after we changed our diet to real food + dairy) and have already tried couple of recipes – loved them…best part is they are less work than usual and the use of good herbs makes them so tasty. Thanks for sharing your recipes .
    Always looking forward to your updates.

  3. Absolutely! The weather here is trying to be spring-like, but still a lot of rain and wind. Ah well, soon it’ll be summer and I’ll complain it’s too hot. Ahh well, that just means it’s grilling weather!