Thanks to everyone who’s been a loyal reader, and thanks to those who’ve just joined us recently.  I never would have thought we’d see this day…but according to the WordPress site stats, we broke the 100,000 page view mark today.

We started this site as a way to show and share with others our own ideas and recipes that are healthier and still taste good – to offer those just starting out a place to find some choices, substitutions, and inspiration that would help them transition away from the bad habits and food choices associated with the SAD.  We sought to prove that attaching the words paleo or primal to the description of your diet and lifestyle choices does not mean you have to give up flavor, variety, and taste…but can in fact do the exact opposite

It has been a fun and productive 9-1/2 months since our first post.  Karen and I have gotten the opportunity to try out dozens of new ideas and foods we had never experienced ourselves.  We’ve got 192 recipes posted to date, and rather than our “ideas folder” getting smaller, it continues to grow.  It sometimes takes a little ingenuity, and a little trial and error (we don’t post the recipes that don’t turn out), but we’re happy to offer those services for others to benefit from.

So, thanks again to everyone for helping us hit what I feel is a pretty big milestone today.  Here’s to the next 100k!


2 responses to “100,000 views!

  1. I love to see quality content getting lots of hits! Thanks for all the great real food recipes!

  2. Awesome! Congrats, you two!