One Year Ago Today…

…we turned an idea into reality.

One year ago today, Purely Primal was started.

Our goal has simply been to help others see that a diet free of grains, legumes (for the most part), processed sugars, and chemical additives is not only possible, but that it can still have incredible variety, flavor, and even a bit of sophistication.  We wanted to emphasize and develop our own recipes, using fresh, whole, and natural ingredients.  We set out to prove that eating healthy doesn’t mean you are stuck eating tasteless foods – and that with a little experimentation you can adapt a huge variety of cuisines to be healthy without altering them beyond recognition.

The site has also become our own reference archive – a sort of living cookbook for us.  On nights that we are making a recipe we have posted before, the first thing we do is pull up the recipe on this site to follow along.  Even our kids have started to help out, using the instructions on this site (and a little first-hand guidance in the kitchen).

We have fun keeping this site up, though at times life gets away from us and we don’t get something written to share as often as we’d like.  On those days, don’t be afraid to search back through the archives (click the categories or tag cloud on the left of the page, or the monthly links on the right) to check out something from the past.  Now that we’ve got a year behind us, we plan to do the same from time to time; we’ll grab an old recipe out of our archives and make it again…only we’ll keep track of any changes we decide to make along the way.

Today, I’m going to leave you with a link back to our first post – Melon Pineapple Salsa.  We haven’t made it in a while, but right now local melons are in season (we have been getting them in our CSA share the past couple of weeks).  So maybe I need to re-read the cautions of mincing jalepeños with bare hands, and get a bowl made up…


2 responses to “One Year Ago Today…

  1. I just want to say thanks for being a tremendous resource! I have made 8-10 recipes from this site over the past 6+ months and a couple of them have been absolute hits at my house! The others…well, lets say there is some user error built in to how they were received. Keep up the fantastic work and THANK YOU for providing such constant and fresh content for your/our community.

  2. Happy Blog Birthday! I have enjoyed your recipes and get wonderful inspiration from the ingredients you use! Thanks for all the effort and work that goes into sharing with all of us 🙂 You are MAAAAARVELOUS!!!