Ready For The New Year?

I am not big on resolutions.  Statistics show that people do not stick with them anyway.  It is wonderful though that we have the beginning of a new year to start fresh, to maybe do something enough that it becomes a habit or a lifestyle change.

If you have been following a pretty healthy eating style (which hopefully you have if you are reading this blog), but you are ready to take it to the next level then hopefully this post can motivate you.

By next level I mean maybe you could stand to cut out even more sugar from your diet.  We are adults.  We can have sugar whenever we want.  Why not have that treat once in a while? Do you really need sugar every day? It is not as if we are lacking in sugar as a society.  Remember too that like a drug it is addictive.  Sugar makes you unhealthy.  Wean yourself from the sugar.

Maybe you need to be better about planning your meals?  Sit down the day before the beginning of your week and make a plan.  For us, this is Sunday morning.  What do we want to cook this next week?  Are we too busy some nights and will be home later? Maybe those are good days to put the Crockpot to good use.  Plan to make enough for leftovers for your lunch the next day.  Write up your grocery list (see our link above to download a list) and head to the store.  Make a note to do this each week. It will make meal planning so much easier.  None of that “what do you want for dinner tonight?”

Maybe you want to learn more about cooking? There are plenty of sites with paleo/primal meals.  Great pictures, easy directions!  Take a couple of recipes a week that sound good to you and dive in.  Let the kids join in to help!

Maybe you just want to step out of that comfort zone and try some new foods.  Did you hate broccoli as a kid? Maybe it isn’t so bad now. I know that I despised walnuts and beets up until a little over a year ago.  I am starting to sing a different tune about these foods now.  Lo and behold, the flavor isn’t as overwhelming as I used to think.

Maybe you want to get to the gym more or go on some hikes.  Maybe you want to run a marathon?  Plan to meet a friend or tell a friend your plan.  Once we say it out loud to someone they have our permission to hold us accountable.

Whatever you want to try in the new year, hopefully it is something that will make your body, your heart, and your brain stronger!


5 responses to “Ready For The New Year?

  1. I’m still a-buzz with post holiday sugar shock. I’m with you on the resolutions – most people make it into a big long list of things they “should” do but secretly don’t want to.

    I agree meal planning is totally key – the best plans hit the crapper when you rely on “what do you want for dinner tonight?” inspiration. Yet people resist this one hard…

  2. I agree on the resolution part also, I’ve never been good at them. When I went to paleo I was ready for a change it was feb 25 no particular reason other then I was committed to a healthier life from that day forward.
    Thanks for the meal plan idea, this is one I struggle with but am working on. I know it
    Just involves sitting down and doing it and I only have to feed myself but it’s something I just can’t grasp yet. But I will!

  3. The one resolution I have kept in recent years was finding any way to move from Philadelphia to the great, beautiful Pacific Northwest. If I hadn’t done that SO MANY incredible things never would have happened- like meeting and marrying my husband, being introduced to Crossfit, and meeting YOU Karen! Set realistic resolutions generally speaking but the pipe dream ones can sometimes become a reality.
    This coming year I’d like to work on truly getting into ketosis by cutting out more carbs. Mat LaLonde pointed out that just because out brain needs glucose to function doesn’t actually mean we need carbs to fuel its processes. Our own bodies, specifically the liver, have the capability of using fat and proteins and performing gluconeogenesis aka making its own glucose! Pretty brilliant, eh?
    But I will make a resolution- less carbs and ketosis!

  4. Thanks for post. I’ve basically had the same New Year’s resolutions every year for the last 10 years LOL. I’m usually good through January, then I revert back to my old ways. The only one that actually became a reality was “Start working out again & get in good shape.” And the only reason it became a reality was because I did something to make it once again an integral part of my life. (A nonrefundable membership at the Krav Maga studio certainly helped.) “Eat better” is a resolution that without fail pops up on my list every year. I guess this year it’s time to actually do something about it. Why spend so much time working out, only to sabotage my efforts with low-quality fuel?

  5. Well said, as usual, Karen. Thanks for motivation to commit to a 15K today, said it “out loud” even (on Facebook ;). This post gave be the boost I needed to make a plan … not a resolution … a plan, an item on my calendar, and another fitness goal to check off my bucket list.