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Stoneware Pans

It’s been a while since we touched on our kitchen tool topic.  And just recently, we had someone ask what kind of pan we used in our ginger snaps recipe.  So it must be time to throw up some links and information on another tool we wouldn’t be without in our kitchen (in fact, we recently just added another one).

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ThermoWorks Thermapen

Here’s a gadget that has only been in our kitchen for a few months now, but has already proven itself worthy of our “doesn’t suck” stamp of approval.  Ever since getting my pellet grill last fall and having aspirations of becoming some sort of God of the backyard barbeque, I started looking for a good thermometer to use for checking and ensuring the meat was done perfect. And there are a lot of available options, from $2.99 pocket thermometers from the same aisle of the grocery store as the aluminum foil bakeware to several-hundred-dollar lab-grade probes with remote readouts.  I tried (and even destroyed) a few of the little cheap ones.  I surely wasn’t willing to spend hundreds to get something as overkill as the lab-grade onces.  And I was never really happy with the old-fashioned meat thermometer traditionally poked into a roast or a turkey – it ends up stained by the grill smoke and is never fast to react to temperature changes.

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Microplane Graters

It’s time to visit another tool that is hard to live without in our kitchen.  Actually, to be more specific…a family of tools – Microplane graters.

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Stainless Mixing Bowl Set

We’ve had a few messages come in recently via the “Contact Us” tab asking about some of the different kitchen tools visible in our photos.  In responding to those requests, I remembered that I had created the Kitchen Tools That Don’t Suck category for that exact reason – to show off the tools we use in our kitchen.  The whole reason for showcasing some of those tools was to help others see reviews of some of the things we’ve spent our money on to make cooking easier or more enjoyable…and often after having previously spent our money on other things that didn’t work out so well.  So I thought it would be a good time to blow a little dust off that category and spend a day away from recipes to talk about one of the “tools” we use very often in our kitchen.

Stock Photo - I doubt that's coconut flour sprinkled around...

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All-Clad Measuring Cups

Okay, so are measuring cups and spoons really that important for me to write a blurb on my blog about them? Oh you better believe it!  🙂 I suppose you could stick with the “eyeball” method and just say “that looks about right,” (I actually like this method), but sometimes it really becomes necessary to pay attention to the amounts; especially when trying a new recipe as I want to make sure I get it right because if I don’t like it, I know I can’t blame it on the fact I wasn’t wearing my glasses that day. Continue reading

Kitchen Tools That Don’t Suck: Shun Ken Onion Knives

Time to take a look at another feature we hope to keep alive on this blog with some reasonably regular posts.

If you haven’t noticed the little note I threw at the bottom of the page, our kitchen and this little blog are not sponsored.  We don’t have a syndicated TV show, our own line of utensils,  or a kitchen full of spotless copper cookware.  We’re regular people – a husband and wife with two kids, a couple of pets, jobs, and plenty of daily responsibility.  We work hard to make enough money to take care of the necessities and leave a little bit left for “creature comforts” that might make our lives a little easier or more comfortable.  So when we do buy something, we want to make sure what we’re getting is worth it – in terms of quality and value – even if it might cost a little more.  We research, compare, test-drive in person when possible, and ultimately make a choice and hope it was a good one.  And usually, we’re very satisfied with our decisions.

Sometimes we’re not.  Sometimes we buy something that should be awesome and ends up being worthless – either broken after a few uses, or simply unable to perform the functions it was designed for.  Sometimes we end up with something that sucks.

So, we’re here with this feature to highlight those things we’ve come to use in our kitchen that don’t suck. Tools, gadgets, maybe even appliances that we’ve paid for and that have lived up to our expectations.  Things that we would recommend to others.  Things we would buy again.

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