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Grain-Free Cinnamon Muffins

Recipes posted one year ago:

My oldest daughter asked me to make cinnamon rolls.  Those of you who have no flour in your house at all know this can be tough.  I admit that I do miss cinnamon rolls…sometimes, but working at a local donut shop when I was in high school pretty much cured me from craving such things too often.  I found a great recipe here at the Cavewoman’s Kitchen and modified a bit with what I had.  The result was fantastic and kid approved!

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Applesauce (Canning)

Recipes posted a year ago:

I have three tiny apple trees in my yard.  They are too small yet to produce fruit.  Maybe I would have gotten a few apples this year if the deer hadn’t taken a few (understatement) nibbles?  I don’t know.  Hopefully they will be more established next year and the deer will stay away? I can dream, right?  So, I need some apples to make applesauce.  What is a girl to do?  Get on Facebook and make an announcement, that’s what!  Therefore, because of Uncle John and my friend Jim down at the gym, I was able to get some nice, crisp apples for my applesauce.  They in return get some applesauce and/or a delicious apple treat like crisp or pie (you just keep this in mind for next year if you are finding yourself with some apples you want to part with) 🙂

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Food on the Go


While on vacation, it definitely can be a challenge to eat well.  Stopping at restaurants for meals can get old.  You never know what will be available when you are hungry, plus the pocketbook takes a beating.  Our trip took us through Nevada, a state with a lot of lonely roads (and in case you are wondering, we didn’t see any UFOs although we did look for some.  I did see Elvis, however). 

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