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Sauteed Leek Scapes and Radishes

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June is here and that always means summer is on the way and most importantly we can’t wait for Thursdays to pick up our CSA.  We highly suggest buying organic and local if possible.  Your food will quite literally go from farm to table making it the freshest and most delicious you can possibly get.  Our CSA with April Joy Farm never disappoints!  This week was lots of greens with arugula, mizuna, oregano, kohlrabi, romaine lettuce, and leek scapes.

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Butter and Herb Grilled Turkey

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If there is one thing that always seems to happen when we entertain a group and try a new recipe at the same time – it is that I end up forgetting to get a decent picture of the dish when it finishes cooking, and before it has been reduced to little more than a small dish of leftovers.  This is exactly what happened (again) this past Thursday when we had Karen’s extended family over for Thanksgiving, and I spent the day slow-cooking a 14-pound turkey on the pellet grill.  In the end, I managed to get a photo of the platter of dark meat tidbits, because the rest of the bird was gone too fast for me to think about getting photos!

In order to ensure a perfectly moist and seasoned bird, we stuck with the proven method of brining ahead of time.  And, if you’ve followed the blog for a while, you may also notice the cooking times and methods used in this recipe closely mirror those used previously in our Chile-grilled Turkey, though the ingredients themselves are changed.  Again – why mess with something that you know works?

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Strawberry-Rhubarb Crisp

You know I love crisps if you have searched our site, as you will also find blackberry and cherry crisps and an apple-cranberry crisp.

With strawberries and rhubarb in season and getting some rhubarb at the CSA last week, why not make up a nice treat? The sweetness of the berry offsets the tartness of the rhubarb for a perfect combination.

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Sweet Mashed Potatoes

Purely Primal has been on vacation for the last couple of weeks (did you notice the difference in background on some of the posts?).  First off we would like to give a special thanks to Kevin and Jason at Cactus Crossfit for allowing us to use their box for the Crossfit Games WODs. (Hey Kevin, I’ll be looking for your “blue” line of clothing for men!).  If you are ever in the Scottsdale, AZ area, it is definitely worth a visit to meet these guys.  From what I understand, they will be moving into a new box soon too! Congrats! 

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Green Beans with Hazelnuts

Green beans have always been one of my favorite foods.  Fresh in the garden, or “steeped” in boiling water for just a few minutes – there is just something about the crunchiness and juiciness of green beans that has always reminded me of home.  Here, we’ve combined them with a northwest original – toasted hazelnuts (filberts to some).  And while they are technically still a legume, the majority of what we are consuming with green beans is the immature hull surrounding the seeds, comprised mostly of fiber and vegetable matter similar to other greens.  Does that make them an ideal food – certainly not…but in our eyes, for a little indulgence now and again, it certainly makes them much less of a concern as a side dish than a heaping pile of pasta or warm bread.

I will give you a warning up front…this recipe uses butter.  But that’s OK, so long as you stick with grass-fed butter and don’t make it every night. Like I said, this one is meant for an indulgence now and again…

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Primal Chocolate Chip Cookies and Snickerdoodles

NOTE (Sept 2011):  This recipe was published in December 2010.  It is quite popular and so I wanted to let you know I have modified it some since and wanted to share those modifications with you.

  • I will mainly use dextrose (get at your local beer supply store) instead of honey, but either works.
  • May take up to 11 minutes to cook (instead of 8 minutes).  Just watch. They should be golden. I usually use convection, but if you use regular, just keep an eye on them.
  • This recipe yields about 24 cookies depending on how big you make them.
  • I do stress using the Honeyville brand of almond flour (get online).  It seems to work the best. 
  • Let them sit on the stoneware to cool before removing them.
  • I find that having the butter cold works better than at room temperature.

One of our first posts was my paleo chocolate chip cookies.  Those are super delish and I get a lot of compliments on them, but I’m always looking for ways to either improve or modify the chocolate chip cookie because we all know they are not created equal.  On the Honeyville Almond Flour bag there is a recipe from Elana of Elana’s Pantry for chocolate chip cookies. Her recipe includes grapeseed oil and agave nectar, both of which I do not normally have in my kitchen and so I replaced them with what I did have.  I also decided to try this same recipe and modify to make Snickerdoodles.  They turned out delicious!!

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Maple Bourbon Heirloom Squash

In the past, I’ve normally used an acorn squash for this recipe, but recently our CSA share included some curious little heirloom squash that seemed to be a good fit.  Actually, the name of the squash eluded me at the time I was getting ready to cook them, and one of them was shaped like an acorn, so I figured I would use them since they fit the part.  As it turned out (after looking them up later on the website), these were Sugar Dumpling squash, and they were not just a good fit – they were perfect.

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