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Chicken Pot “Pie” Soup

Recipes posted a year ago:

In the past we have enjoyed a great chicken pot pie recipe, but of course the word “pie” generally insinuates some type of crust which often contains wheat.  I suppose I could have made up my own crust from almond flour or another grain-free flour, but really lets be honest… I just like the filling.   This is delicious and smells so good!  You can use most any type of vegetables that you have on hand for this.  “Think outside the recipe.”

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Butternut Squash and Pear Soup

This is a recipe that I got from my friend, Cheryl, and let me just tell you something about this great woman.  She is one of inspiration.  Cheryl found us at CFFV and once she learned about what it takes to eat healthfully, she grabbed ahold with a vengeance and did not let go.

Now I think diet is an evil word really.  It has been turned into a negative thing.  I don’t look at paleo or primal as a “diet.”  It is simply enjoying those foods which can’t help but make our bodies thrive, and in turn says “so long” to bogging ourselves down with inflammatory diseases.

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