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Salsa Verde Fresca

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Fresh salsa is by far my favorite condiment…I love to have it with a huge variety of other foods, or simply all by itself.  And as much as I usually find myself eating red salsas with lots of tomatoes and onions in them, it is refreshing to change things up with a tangy green salsa like this one.

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Chile-grilled Turkey

This past Sunday was Father’s Day.  While I didn’t get a chance to spend any time with my father (I did call him and talk to him for quite a while), we did have my father-in-law over for dinner along with my “favorite” mother-in-law (because she’s my only one!).  I also managed to get some long overdue things checked off my “To Do” list and spent some time with my own girls – so it was a good day all around.

Since I’ve been looking for an excuse to try a turkey on my pellet grill, I thought I’d give something new a try.  I started with a short brine soak (about 5 hours) that included a mix of salt and spices, and followed it up with a good rub of more spices before smoking and roasting it on the grill.  If you don’t have a grill that can smoke easily, then don’t worry.  I’m sure that over indirect heat on a gas grill, or even in the oven, this will still turn out great (you may want to increase the brine soak time closer to the “norm” of about 8 to 12 hours).  One of the keys to getting a good flavor into the meat is to put the rub under the skin.  Otherwise you’re just flavoring the skin…

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Wasabi Tuna with Jellied Onions

It’s been a while since I pulled out some of the tuna fillets we have in the freezer from the incredible fishing trip I took last August.  So the other night, I thought it would be a good time to try something different.  I started with the basic idea of tuna seared with a wasabi crust and added a new relish of red onions “jellied” in a combination of different vinegars until they are soft, sweet, and tangy all at once.

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Malaysian Chicken Soup

This recipe started out inspired by a dish called laksa that comes from Malaysia and Indonesia.  Traditional laksa is a spicy noodle soup, of which there are numerous local incantations involving either curry or tamarind for flavor, and a greatly varied list of ingredients such as tempe, boiled eggs, poached fish, rice noodles, bean sprouts, and shrimp paste.  Of course, just like a Hollywood movie claiming to be “inspired by a true story” (we know how close they stick to the facts in those, don’t we), this recipe evolved into a loose interpretation of traditional laksa that is definitely Purely Primal.  And don’t be scared away by the long list of ingredients either – this one is simple to put together, and doesn’t take very long either.

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Poblano Lime Sauce

This simple sauce is great for dipping veggies in (cauliflower, broccoli, and mushrooms especially), or as a dressing over salad like the cucumber avocado dressing from a few weeks ago.  It is also a great condiment over top of the grilled chicken recipe we’ve got lined up for tomorrow.  It will also keep for several days in the fridge without turning color like avocado-based dressings and sauces tend to do, which is good because it does make quite a bit.

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Sirloin Steaks with Parsley and Capers

Capers have long been used in Mediterranean cuisines.  The pickled buds of the caper bush, these little green gems have a tangy and lemony flavor that cannot be mistaken.  If you like trying various pickled foods (asparagus, green beans, cucumbers, cauliflower), then you should give capers a shot.  Here, we combine them with curly-leaf parsley and a little coarsely ground ancho chile powder to create a flavorful chutney for serving over top of grilled sirloin steaks marinated in a combination of scallions, garlic, lime, Worcestershire, and more parsley and ancho chile.  The result is combination of tastes with a mild subdued heat lingering in the background – perfect when paired with our spicy-roasted broccoli from yesterday.

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Grilled Chicken Chile Avocado Melt

Say the title of this one five times real fast.  Seriously, though, this recipe will take a little bit of time from start to finish, but the flavor of fresh-roasted mild chiles, fajita-style seasoning, fresh avocado, and a touch of melted sharp cheddar cheese is definitely worth it.  And though it will take a little time to get ready, it’s not difficult.  So roll up your sleeves and give this one a shot when you’re looking for something new to do with grilled chicken.

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