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Moroccan Chicken

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The best part about having a slow cooker is that you can toss a bunch of ingredients into it in the morning, and when you get home you’ve got a tasty one-pot meal ready to eat.  This was exactly what I did this past Sunday, when I knew I’d be out running errands most of the day.

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Apple Crumble

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Today my dad turns 65.  Happy Birthday Dad!!  I know my dad would say that he is proud of me, but I must say that I am more proud of him than any daughter could be.  He is the best dad and a wonderful grandfather.  My dad has taught me to be grateful for what I have, to be genuine, to take responsibility for your actions, and to fight for what you believe in.  Mostly he has taught (and given me) love and respect and always makes me laugh.  I love you dad!!  This recipe is for you and your sweet tooth!!

Dad and I a long time ago

Dad and I more recently 🙂

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Apples with Coconut Butter and Almonds

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Have you ever tried coconut butter? It is so incredibly tasty that I thought about just posting a recipe that calls for one jar of coconut butter and a spoon, take a bite, repeat. 🙂  But, since I feel like I have to actually eat it with something, I came up with this satisfying treat. 

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Jerk Short Ribs

Saturday night we had our good friends George (of Manimal Wear apparel) and Maeghan over for dinner.  It was a great evening – a chance to unwind, shoot the breeze, enjoy a couple of hard ciders (except Maeghan, who has just over a month before their little one arrives!), and share some good food.  And despite the fact that we were awaken to a very wet and gray Saturday (especially after the gorgeous Friday we had), I still was able to grill up some beef short ribs rubbed with a homemade jerk seasoning for the main course.  It helps that the grill is on the covered porch I guess…

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Strawberry-Rhubarb Crisp

You know I love crisps if you have searched our site, as you will also find blackberry and cherry crisps and an apple-cranberry crisp.

With strawberries and rhubarb in season and getting some rhubarb at the CSA last week, why not make up a nice treat? The sweetness of the berry offsets the tartness of the rhubarb for a perfect combination.

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Pot Roast with Sweet Potatoes

We were blessed with a rare (at least so far this year) sunny day this past Saturday, giving us a chance to get some outside chores done finally.  On days like that, when you’re out raking and picking up fallen branches and cleaning up the tangles of brush that have cluttered the yard throughout the soggy (and snowy) winter, you never know how long you’ll be outside before you decide to quit.  Time just seems to fly by, until suddenly you realize it’s evening and you’ve not eaten since breakfast.  Then, all of a sudden, you’re not just hungry but famished, and you don’t want to have to wait another 30 to 90 minutes to prepare something to eat.

It’s just those sort of days where slow-cooker meals are perfect.  You don’t really have to spend much time preparing anything, and when that time in the evening comes when you decide you need to eat now, you’ve got hot food ready and waiting.  Perhaps the only drawback (if you must look for one) is that you need to get started early.  Of course, most days that we’ve got a lot planned start early anyway, so it’s not much more effort to toss some goodies into the crock pot and set them on low before heading out the door.

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Gluten-Free Granola

Miss your cereal or just want a great snack? My friend Brad gave me a great recipe for grain-free granola.  It’s cool I can say friend although I have met him only once.  We communicate mainly through his nutrition log via the computer.  He tells me what he eats, I make a comment.  We have some fun banter.  I love that he takes the time to write it down and that he cares about what he is putting in his body which is, after all, a machine.  The ingredients can vary so much in these granola recipes.  You can tweak them to your liking, ie add in what YOU like.  So of course I took his recipe and changed a few things to make it my own based on what I like and also based on what I had available to me at the time in the pantry; Ah improvising!

Brad and Bailey

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