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Halibut with Coconut and Macadamia Nut Crust

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We live close to a fresh seafood store.  My kids refuse to go inside because it “smells like fish.”  Oh, but is so great to go in and choose some wild caught fish to bring home for dinner.  Today I chose some halibut and decided to top it with a macadamia nut and coconut mixture with a pat of coconut butter.  Hawaiian-inspired meal with prep time start to finish in less than 30 minutes!

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Baked Coconut Chicken Tenders

This is a quick and easy recipe for chicken that is a just little out of the ordinary.  The list of ingredients is short, and contains all things that are easy to find if you don’t already have them in your pantry.  The prep time is almost nothing, and the baking time is just about right to have a side dish or two ready and have the table set.  And since these can be eaten as a finger food, they should be well received by kids and adults alike.

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Braised Pork Chops and Coconut-Fried Apples

This could have been two separate recipes, but there is something about pork chops with apples that makes this combination necessary to prepare at the same time.  Of course, after having made them once, I am sure that some time in the future I’m going be making these apples again by themselves…because they were the star of this meal.

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Coconut Ice Cream

As I scheduled this post, I noticed it was for the date of March 22.  Probably no coincidence as this date happens to be the birthdate of my grandpa who passed away over 15 years ago.  He LOVED ice cream and always had some in his freezer.  He would yell out the old saying, “I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream!!” .. and scream we did as we all came running.  He was also a great cook and I think him and Casey would have been two peas in a pod with all their cooking knowledge had they known each other.   I can just picture the salads literally being tossed and all the gears turning to whip up something new and delicious.  Stay tuned as I modify grandpa’s delicious Hungarian Goulash recipe at a later date (minus the noodles of course), but for now, this one’s for you Grandpa Don, Happy Birthday! 

Grandpa Don circa 1945

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Five Spice Coconut Chicken with Coconut-Ginger Sauce

Ever since we posted our fried chicken recipe, I’ve been wanting to do it again but with some sort of coconut breading.  It just seemed like it would be an excellent combination.  So the other day I set out to give it a shot, only to realize I was running too low on coconut oil to fry it.  Making a few quick adjustments, I switched gears and turned this into a baked dish, adding a unique tangy sauce for serving that turned out incredible.  Best of all, in the process I discovered a method for making the juiciest baked chicken I’ve ever had.

The trick is in using arrowroot powder before the egg and coconut “breading.”  It gives the egg something to stick to, helping bind the coconut to the outside of the meat (things didn’t crumble nearly like they did with the fried chicken).  It also forms a complete seal around the meat, locking in all the remaining moisture.  I’m going to have to go back and try this with the fried variation now as well and see how it comes out.  It is certainly a technique I’ll be using for my chicken cordon bleu the next time.

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Chocolate Coconut Bars

I love chocolate and I love coconut, so why not make them into a healthier (and better tasting) version of Mounds Bars?  There are many variations you can do to this – this is just one.  I’ve made some other suggestions at bottom of the post…   Continue reading

Creamy Carrot and Sweet Onion Soup

I have to admit that I am not fond of the taste of carrots.  There are many veggies I like to eat raw and carrots are not one of my first choices.  Although I do occasionally eat them, I can pretty much take it or leave it.   If I had my garden then I suppose maybe I would be more fond if I grew them myself.  My CSA also has them (yellow ones and cute red ones!) and they just taste so much different to me fresh, just like many other veggies.  But, at the store they are mostly sold in huge bags and although I could buy them individually, I will buy a bag as my kids like them.  Funny thing is, carrot soup sounded so good to me!  So, what better thing to do than to cook them up and make some soup?  This goes fast too, so even better!

This makes a great side to a chicken salad or some other yummy protein dish. 

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