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Stoneware Pans

It’s been a while since we touched on our kitchen tool topic.  And just recently, we had someone ask what kind of pan we used in our ginger snaps recipe.  So it must be time to throw up some links and information on another tool we wouldn’t be without in our kitchen (in fact, we recently just added another one).

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Banana Cookies

If you like banana bread, this is a great cookie recipe to try.  Instead of eating a whole piece of bread, just have a couple of banana cookies.  Same satisfaction and great taste for a quick snack. In case you are wondering why the bananas in the picture are black, it is because sometimes I don’t eat all of my bananas when I should. They get pretty ripe and so I put them in the freezer and they turn black.  I get them out for recipes such as these. Just let them thaw on the counter for about 1/2 hour.

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Nut Cookies

I have to admit that the more I have changed my eating for the better, the more baked things and/or sweet things do not appeal to me that much anymore.  I tend to go for the fruit or on a cheat day some ice cream or chocolate; however, I still find myself thinking of ways to make a great cookie or other desserts. It is not so much that I am craving the cookie as that is usually not the case, but that I want to experiment. Here are two cookie recipes I came up with.  I used dates for a sweetener instead of honey. One has a zesty orange flavor and the other hazelnut/chocolate.  Both taste wonderful.  I had a hard time choosing which I liked best.  🙂

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Paleo Ginger Snaps

I have been on a quest to make a paleo ginger snap.  I had my doubts at first since a regular ginger snap recipe has so much sugar in it that I was sure it was not possible to get the same sweet taste, but alas I proved myself wrong and now you will benefit!

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Karen’s Chocolate Chip Cookies

What? Chocolate Chip Cookies for us paleo/primal eaters?? Yes, you read correctly!  Chocolate Chip Cookies!  One of my very favorite things to eat.  So, of course I had to find an alternative recipe to the regular one I tried so hard to master and luckily, I got a winner on my first attempt!   As a side note, did you know that the Chocolate Chip Cookie was invented by accident in the early 1930s?  Who knew?  I love how “mistakes” can turn into something wonderful.  Don’t forget that.  Okay, onward…

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