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Chicken with Cherry Sauce

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There are so many types of cherries!  I cannot even begin to tell you.  I say pick a cherry type you think would be great for this recipe and give it a shot.  The regular “pie” cherry that you would use to make a cherry pie would work great too.  I used Rainier cherries for this go around.  This recipe offers many great combinations of tastes and is quick to make.

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Za’atar Grilled Pork Loin

The flavors of lemon, sesame, thyme, and paprika can all be found individually in different recipes for lighter meats and fish.  Here, we’ll use them together in a Middle Eastern blend known as za’atar to create a fast and easy wet rub for grilled pork loin.

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Wine & Herb Grilled Salmon

I made this recipe up years ago for a camping trip with extended family, and then sort of forgot about it over time.  Karen’s mom, however, didn’t – because it was the only time Karen’s dad actually ate fish, and then asked for seconds.  So when the family was recently planning a birthday party for Karen’s brother, I was asked if I could do “that recipe” again.  The only problem: I never wrote it down the first time.

After some head scratching, and a little experimentation, I was able to recreate the original recipe.  And when cooked over an open fire or wood-burning grill, it is just as good as I remembered it from years ago.

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Creamy Cashew Chicken Salad

This recipe contains a perfect blend of chicken, stir-fried veggies, and salad greens all coated in a creamy cashew dressing.  It is easy to make ahead and serve cold – making it perfect for lunch or for a summer potluck.  The dressing by itself would be great for dipping coconut-breaded chicken tenders, or as a sauce over grilled asian-spiced pork chops.  And feel free to toss in your own variations on the veggies rather than sticking simply to the carrots and red bell peppers we used.  I know this would go great with the addition of mushrooms, snow peas, or just about anything else you can think of.

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Sauteed Mushrooms

Growing up, I was one of those kids that hated mushrooms.  I avoided them at all costs.  If I was being served something that had mushrooms, you could guarantee that I’d have every piece of them picked out before I was done – no matter how small.  And if the main ingredient was mushrooms, good luck getting me near it.

Over time, my tastes changed and I realized how good mushrooms are (too bad it was after I moved away from home, where morels are very easy to find and pick in the spring!).  There is just something about the texture and flavor of different mushrooms that adds tremendous depth to many dishes.  Instead of avoiding them, I look for ways to use them in just about anything I can, and try out any variety I can get my hands on.

Sautéed mushrooms are great because they focus on just one thing – the mushroom itself.  By adding a few miscellaneous herbs and seasonings we can build and highlight this basic food.  And then, by serving it as a side dish, we get to use it to accentuate the rest of the meal as well (garlic rosemary steaks being a good place to start).  I think the only bad thing about sautéed mushrooms is that the finished volume is so small compared to how much you start with (although I doubt the weight changes very much).  And since they are a dish that usually has people asking for seconds, you’ll want to plan for a lot of mushrooms to start.

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