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Cream of Chicken Stew

I will warn you now: this recipe uses a little bit of dairy – heavy cream to be exact.  So, if you are avoiding dairy, you’ll want to substitute (coconut milk would certainly do nicely).  Outside of that, this is a simple and easy recipe that can be cooked up in about 45 minutes and makes for a great meal and great leftovers.

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Here’s an easy coleslaw recipe that my mom shared with us some time ago.  Since we got a chance to have her here for Mother’s Day this year (we figured out it was the first time she got to celebrate Mother’s Day with both of her sons since 1994), I decided to make this up with the ham that I was cooking on the grill.  The thing that I like best about this coleslaw compared to most others is that this one doesn’t have the typical creamy dressing that is usually based on some emulsified soy oil.  Instead, its got a simple blend of honey and vinegar to get the mix of tangy and sweet that makes cole slaw so tasty.

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Basil Chicken & Rice Soup

*A quick note as Casey doesn’t give this recipe enough justice.. From all the things we have made, this is definitely in our top 10.  Try it VERY soon as it will definitely be worth it!

Feeling like some good ol’ chicken soup, but with a little Cantonese and Thai influence?  Playing around with a clipped recipe in our ever-growing folder, we arrived at the following variation that makes enough for a small army and is sure to be a hit with just about everyone.  This is an easy way to use up leftover chicken (or turkey) from a previous meal.  Or, if you didn’t plan ahead, simply boil some chicken right out of the freezer while you get everything else rounded up and ready.  You could also try adding small shrimp for a variation that is sure to be tasty as well.

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Chicken Curry Soup

The original version of this recipe came from our friend Colleen at the gym, although where she originally found the recipe, I’m not sure.  When I pulled it out of the folder to put on our menu recently, I couldn’t help but make some adjustments that would put our own spin on things.  The result is a mild green curry with lots of liquid and a ton of flavor.  And if you’ve got some leftover pre-cooked chicken in the fridge like we did, you can actually have this soup ready to eat in under 30 minutes.

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Endive and Sausage Spaghetti

Maybe it is fitting that not that long ago we posted a recipe for pork chops with endive in which I mentioned not to confuse it with Belgian endive.  That got me looking for a reason to give Belgian endive a try, because I’d never had it before.  Shortly after, I stumbled into a simple sauceless spaghetti recipe using Belgian endive and crumbled bacon.  It had promise, but needed some transformation (besides the obvious substitution of the pasta).  So I dove in with a flurry of additions and a couple of outright changes.  The result was one of my favorite creations in the PP kitchen in a long time.

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Thai-inspired Beef and Melon Salad

This dish takes inspiration from traditional Thai green papaya salads, only switching up the ingredients a bit and adding in some grilled and thin-sliced steak for protein.  By combining the pungent saltiness of fish sauce with the sweetness of fresh melon, and the fragrance of fresh cilantro and mint, you end up with a delightfully unique meal that is great for dinner, or saved and divided for a couple of lunches throughout the week.

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Sunday Morning Frittata

Sunday – the end of the week and, unfortunately, the end of the weekend as well.  Do what you can to stretch the most out of it, but there always seems to be that impending feeling that the grind is going to start again in only a few short hours.  In a busy household with a busy family, it is the day we’ve got to get all the plans made and laid out for the week – menus prepared, grocery shopping done, homework and school projects worked on, write up a couple of blog posts, laundry, housework…  Whoever said it was a day of rest was crazy.

All that end-of-the-week (or start-of-the-week, depending on how you look at it) shuffle takes some energy, and that starts with a good hearty breakfast.  So Sunday also tends to be the day we spend a little extra time on breakfast before diving into the day’s activities.  Big scrambles or omelettes, fresh sausage, bacon or ham, fresh berries or fruit – all of them are great ways to start out a hectic morning.  Another choice is a frittata – sort of like an omelette pie, or a crustless quiche – which can have a whole host of goodies thrown in.

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