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Orange Primal Cake

Some recipes posted a year ago:

I like to see more blogs popping up with paleo/primal recipes.  I love that people are willing to share their healthful recipes with the world.  Take advantage of this, but in turn let the bloggers know how they are doing.  Make a comment. We all want to hear what variations you tried, what worked or didn’t.  This  may also help the next person willing to try the recipe.   Thank you so much for all the feedback we have received!

This delicious dessert was modified from a recipe on the site, She Cooks, He Cleans. Great recipes here and Nancy is also a supporter of our site as well. Thank you!

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Sesame Orange Pork Loin

Today’s recipe is an easy pork roast that takes almost no effort to prep and only about an hour to cook.  You do need to marinade for a little while, but that can be done before you leave for work, or even right when you get home if you don’t mind eating just a little later than normal.

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Asparagus with Orange Fennel Sauce

The primary highlight of this recipe is the sauce; a mix of caramelized onions and fennel simmered in cider vinegar, orange juice, and vegetable broth until thickened, with just a slight bite from a pinch of cayenne at the end.  This sauce could be used for a host of ideas – from dressing up chicken breast to glazing acorn squash before roasting.  Pureed in a blender with a few tablespoons of olive oil and a dash more cider vinegar, it would make a wonderful dressing as well.  In this post, however, I chose to add it to asparagus before roasting along side a pork roast I was cooking.

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Baked Coconut Chicken Tenders

This is a quick and easy recipe for chicken that is a just little out of the ordinary.  The list of ingredients is short, and contains all things that are easy to find if you don’t already have them in your pantry.  The prep time is almost nothing, and the baking time is just about right to have a side dish or two ready and have the table set.  And since these can be eaten as a finger food, they should be well received by kids and adults alike.

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Orange Ginger Marinated Pork “Ribs”

Country-style “ribs” on a hog are actually a cut coming from the loin just behind the blade portion of the shoulder, which is referred to as the “butt” (as in a Boston Butt roast).  Apparently, whoever named the cuts of meat on a hog wasn’t very inept at basic swine anatomy…but that’s not a topic for this site.  Depending on what specific portion of the shoulder-to-loin region they are cut from, they may look like a sliced section of the butt roast (with a blade “7 bone” in them) or they may look like a rib chop that has about half the meat missing.  Regardless, they are often an overlooked cut of meat when compared to things like loin chops, baby back ribs, and bacon.

Country-style ribs should be cooked like the other leaner cuts on the hog (such as loin chops or rib chops), but are often less expensive than their “premium” counterparts.  So today, we’re going to marinade some country-style ribs in a simple and fast-acting marinade and then cook them over apple-wood smoke on the pellet grill.  This marinade also works great for poultry, shrimp, and firmer-textured white-meat fish like sturgeon and halibut.

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Orange-Braised Fennel

Fennel is something that doesn’t usually come to mind when someone says to eat vegetables.  But most people find that once they’ve tried fennel, they’ll begin looking for as many other ways as they can to prepare this “bulb” with a mildly sweet licorice flavor.  I know I certainly do, so when I came across a recipe for braised fennel recently, I had to give it a spin.

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Fennel Citrus Shrimp

Sitting on our counter is a manila folder that is filled over an inch thick with various recipes clipped from magazines, newspapers, or internet sites that we’ve been meaning to try.  Some are “good to go” as they are, using all primal ingredients, while others are will require a little substitution (or a lot) to make them work.  And even the ones that are primal-ready won’t make their way onto our site without some tweaking, because that’s just our nature.  Plus, we’re going to make darn sure that we’ve cooked and approved them ourselves before we pass them on to anyone else.

This recipe is one from that folder, which only took a couple minor tweaks.  It’s quick to prepare, and can be used as a main course, an “accompanying” dish (think surf and turf), or over a mix of greens for an excellent lunch.  So let’s get started…

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