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Bacon-Roasted Brussels Sprouts

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I have to admit to being a bit of a newcomer to enjoying Brussels sprouts.  In fact, it wasn’t until doing this post for our site that I really started to enjoy these little “baby cabbages.”  Now, I look forward to the chance to try new combinations of flavors with them, which led to today’s recipe.

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Grain-Free Cinnamon Muffins

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My oldest daughter asked me to make cinnamon rolls.  Those of you who have no flour in your house at all know this can be tough.  I admit that I do miss cinnamon rolls…sometimes, but working at a local donut shop when I was in high school pretty much cured me from craving such things too often.  I found a great recipe here at the Cavewoman’s Kitchen and modified a bit with what I had.  The result was fantastic and kid approved!

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Apricot Pork Roast

This recipe came to us from the newsletter of a retreat center Karen has attended in the past, only originally written for chicken breasts and with a much sweeter sauce.  So I set to work making some adjustments to suit our own less-sweet-loving palates, and to convert it over to work with a boneless butt pork roast we had in the freezer.  The results were downright incredible.

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Curry Ginger Butternut Squash

Here is a variation on roasted butternut squash that is super easy to make.  The blend of curry with fresh cilantro and ginger add a little zip to this mild squash, while the raisins and honey add some balancing sweetness.  It goes great as a side dish in a curry-themed meal, or by itself as a little post-workout carbohydrate refueling.

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Gluten-Free Granola

Miss your cereal or just want a great snack? My friend Brad gave me a great recipe for grain-free granola.  It’s cool I can say friend although I have met him only once.  We communicate mainly through his nutrition log via the computer.  He tells me what he eats, I make a comment.  We have some fun banter.  I love that he takes the time to write it down and that he cares about what he is putting in his body which is, after all, a machine.  The ingredients can vary so much in these granola recipes.  You can tweak them to your liking, ie add in what YOU like.  So of course I took his recipe and changed a few things to make it my own based on what I like and also based on what I had available to me at the time in the pantry; Ah improvising!

Brad and Bailey

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