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Rosemary Thyme Butternut Squash

Recipes posted a year ago:

It has been a while since we’ve cooked butternut squash.  Not for any particular reason, but more due to a combination of busy schedules and the fact it takes a while to fully cook squash (especially when we’ve gone more than a year without  a microwave now).  Since we had a squash on the counter, the other night I threw together a quick mixture of fresh herbs from our deck and set to roasting it for an easy side dish.

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Garlic Herb “Stuffed” Chicken Breast

This recipe is perfect for a weeknight where you don’t want to spend a lot of time getting things ready.  We’re starting with simple grilled chicken breast, but livening it up with a combination of garlic, lemon juice, and fresh herbs from our garden.

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Wine-Herb Grilled Chicken

Grilling is a great way to cook just about anything (in my opinion, at least), and chicken is no exception.  Chicken can still end up a bit bland, however, unless it has a good rub or marinade prior to going over the coals (it also helps to use bone-in pieces).  So when you want to really make chicken tasty off the grill, plan on spending a little extra time prepping it the morning (or evening) before so it can sit and “stew” in some added flavors before cooking.

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Brussels Sprouts Sweet Potato Hash

We served this one up the other night along side the Balsamic Round Steaks, and it was excellent.  The combination of caramelized red onions, sweet potatoes, and Brussels sprouts is a perfect side dish, and leaves plenty of leftovers for a couple of additional meals.

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Chicken with Fennel and Squash

Here is another delicious recipe for the crockpot.  I have to say that browning the chicken brings back childhood memories for me of my mom frying chicken in the skillet on a cold day.  Just the smell is worth 1,000 words!

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Grilled Salmon with Coconut Dijon Sauce

This is a super-simple and super-quick recipe for a weeknight when you don’t have a lot of time to prep and still want a meal with lots of flavor.  The sauce is made while the fish is on the grill, and requires only a few simply ingredients that should be in the pantry of any primal cook.  In the process of making this dish, you’ll also have the base for a sauce that would go great with just about any seafood or light meat combination you can think of (grilled pork, fried chicken, scallops – you name it).  So save the leftovers for lunch, and plan something complimentary in the next couple of nights that’s equally quick to use up the remaining sauce.

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Strawberry Cherry Walnut Salad

This is a perfect salad in early summer, when the strawberries and cherries are both in season and available at road-side stands and farmers markets all over the northwest.  It’s also a nice treat once in a while out of season.  Yes, I know they are not local this time of year, but occasionally you need a reminder that winter will eventually end…and some sweet dark berries is a good way to do that.

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