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Salsa Verde Fresca

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Fresh salsa is by far my favorite condiment…I love to have it with a huge variety of other foods, or simply all by itself.  And as much as I usually find myself eating red salsas with lots of tomatoes and onions in them, it is refreshing to change things up with a tangy green salsa like this one.

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Sweet Poblano Mole

Traditional mole recipes often have 20 or more different ingredients, and may require days to be prepared by hand.  Nearly every family in many regions of Mexico have their own special recipe – some of which are closely guarded and handed down through the generations only to other family members.  Preparation of these special and laborious sauces is often reserved only for special occasions and large gatherings.

I will make no attempt here to fully recreate one of these sauces.  Instead, I will shorten the ingredient list a bit, cheat time with the use of modern electric prep tools, and stretch the true interpretation of a traditional mole just a little (through the addition of vinegar and the absence of dried chili powders) to come up with a recipe that can be ready in under 30 minutes and is awesome over or along-side just about any Southwest or Latin American inspired dish.

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Fresh Mango Chutney

We’ve done a few similar recipes on this site already, including the melon pineapple salsa, the mango salsa, and even the recent pork chops with warmed mango chutney.  Where this one departs from the first two is the exclusion of any hot chiles (and obviously no pineapple or melon either).  The differences with the latter recipe are a bit more subtle – serving it raw rather than cooked and replacing the harsher red onions (which mellow when cooked) with milder scallions.  This mixture is good fresh, but reaches its true potential when left to sit in the fridge overnight so that the flavors can combine more fully.

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Lil’ Turkey Meatloaves

We originally found this recipe on Sweet Cheeks and thought it would be a good one to stash away in our “black book” of recipes that meet our approval (i.e. they are primal/paleo, and tasty too!).  Of course, I can’t just take anyone’s recipe and put it on here without making a few tweaks…so that’s what I did.  Not that the original recipe needed tweaking – it was more out of necessity that I did not have an ingredient or two and also that I felt like mixing things up just a little.  So, without any more boring details, let’s get cooking…

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Cranberry-Orange Salsa

My wonderful friend Peggy is such a rockstar!!

A True Warrior!!

I look up to her in so many ways.   I try really hard just to keep up with her at the gym and it is just as hard to keep up with her in the kitchen as anything she cooks or bakes tastes heavenly.  She  gave me this great recipe for salsa.  Her family has it every year for Thanksgiving and she says it is great on just about anything.  We tried it on some pork chops and also as a side for dipping veggies.  I even got caught taking some spoonfuls and eating it straight! YUM!! Continue reading

Fast Fajitas

Fajitas are traditionally made from flank or skirt steak (one of those infamous “budget” cuts of meat), although you will often see them made with chicken, pork, or shrimp as well.  They were always one of my favorite choices when going out for Mexican food before we changed to primal eating.  There is just something about the mix of sautéed bell peppers, onions, and marinated meat sizzling on a hot plate with huge side of fresh guacamole that gets my mouth watering.

Even after going primal, fajitas are still one of my staples when we find ourselves out for dinner in the vicinity of a good Mexican restaurant…I just order without the beans, rice, or tortillas.  And so it was only natural to come up with a recipe that we could prepare at home without requiring a lot of prep time, and to make more use of those economy cuts of meat we have from buying a side of beef.

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Melon Pineapple Salsa

This one has been requested a lot, so probably fitting for a first post.  Fast and easy, this is great with lighter-meat fish (tuna, halibut) or pork loin, either on the side or served directly on top.  You could cheat and have it with corn chips like regular “chips and salsa,” but I wouldn’t make it a daily habit.

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