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Sesame Orange Pork Loin

Today’s recipe is an easy pork roast that takes almost no effort to prep and only about an hour to cook.  You do need to marinade for a little while, but that can be done before you leave for work, or even right when you get home if you don’t mind eating just a little later than normal.

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Sesame Chicken Salad

The weather is finally supposed to be really nice this weekend here in the PNW, which means that everyone will be outside trying to get lots of Vitamin D built up in the next few days.  And while grilling is a favorite way to prepare a meal when the weather gets nice, it can sometimes be a little much to serve hot food when you’re working on getting acclimated to the first real warm days of the season.  A nice alternative, especially for lunch on the porch on a hot afternoon, is a chilled salad with plenty of meat mixed in.

This recipe came to us from a friend, Amy, at the gym – whose husband Brad is also one of the trainers.  She had adapted it from a recipe of a friend of hers, eliminating the original recipe’s brown sugar, fried won tons, and soy sauce in favor of some less problematic ingredients.  Of course, we made a few adjustments of our own…but mostly based on what we had on hand at the time.  Get this made up just after breakfast so it has a chance to sit and chill in the fridge until lunch – letting the flavors mix and mingle a bit before eating.

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Spicy Tamari-Ginger Green Beans

We were recently at my brother’s house for dinner, and he served up a great green bean dish with some sliced mushrooms and bell peppers that was pretty good…he claimed to have just found the recipe using his Google-fu skills earlier in the evening.  And since he said he’d found it that way, I didn’t bother to write it (or the site he found it on) down.  So when I decided to make something similar the other night, I jumped on the search-engines and fired off a couple of searches.  And none of them came back quite what I was looking for.  But I did come across one that sparked my interest – because it came from the website for Frank’s Red Hot Sauce.

Let’s take a step back for a little personal history…

Cue the wavy "flashback" image on your TV screen

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Chipotle Citrus Pork Skewers

Chipotle peppers (smoke-dried jalapeños) add a great blend of smokiness and spice to grilled lighter meats like pork, chicken, and seafood.  When combined with a tangy mix of orange and lime to marinade, things really get tasty.  And of course, there is nothing like serving it cut into bite-sized pieces and on a stick to make it an instant hit.  While this recipe can marinade as little as an hour with good results, I would recommend preparing them the night before and giving it a chance to really absorb all the flavor before cooking.

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Asian Spiced Pork Chops

Here is a meal that works great when you don’t have a lot of time to prep or cook, but still want something interesting and flavorful for dinner.  In the time it will take you to thaw out a package of chops in the microwave, you can have the marinade mixed, and in the time it takes for the grill to heat up, you are done marinading and ready to cook.  So, let’s get started…

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Sesame Ginger Tuna

I got a chance to go tuna fishing just over a week ago off the Oregon Coast on Secret Island Charters with some guys from work and one of our subcontractors.  We had a blast, and were blessed with 1) awesome weather (forecasts were dubious that day) and 2) one hell of a run of fish.  In only 2-1/2 hours from dropping the first bait in the water, we had 75 tuna on board and no more room to put them.  Even though I got sick on the way out (I’m definitely not going to consider a second career in the Navy), I was fine once we started fishing and had a great time.

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