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Grandpa Don’s Bugachi (Teriyaki Beef Skewers)

Just over a week ago, Karen posted a recipe that started out with a small tribute to a great man who I never got the chance to meet…but I still feel blessed to experience his presence every time we have a gathering with her family.  Her Grandpa Don’s legacy lives on in some way with every member of her immediate and extended family (and everyone else who knew him as well), and it is always fun to hear the stories told of his sense of humor, adventurous spirit, and masterful culinary skills (and on more than one occasion, it seems, he would combine all three).

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Chipotle Citrus Pork Skewers

Chipotle peppers (smoke-dried jalapeños) add a great blend of smokiness and spice to grilled lighter meats like pork, chicken, and seafood.  When combined with a tangy mix of orange and lime to marinade, things really get tasty.  And of course, there is nothing like serving it cut into bite-sized pieces and on a stick to make it an instant hit.  While this recipe can marinade as little as an hour with good results, I would recommend preparing them the night before and giving it a chance to really absorb all the flavor before cooking.

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Jalepeno Ginger Prawns & Scallops

I love the flavor and texture of many seafoods – especially wild sea scallops and tiger prawns.  Prepared by searing quickly at high heat, just to the point of being cooked through, they go well with a marinade using citrus – especially lime.  And two flavors that complement lime in a good seafood marinade are ginger and jalapeño.  For a real treat, cook them over a fire of alder wood (chips or pellets work too) to add just a touch of mild smokiness…

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