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Flank Steak Italiano

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Steak on the grill is always a great mid-week meal that is both easy and quick.  With cuts like flank steak, which is tougher in texture than other cuts, it is best to plan ahead a little and marinade things – but this doesn’t mean you have to spend a lot of extra time on the preparation.  Simply get things started before you leave for work in the morning, and you’ll have a perfectly seasoned steak ready for grilling when you get home.  In this recipe, we depart from the traditional carne asada spices used often with flank steak, and instead treat it with some traditional Italian flavors.

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Ginger Marinated Flank Steak

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This recipe uses a long marinade to help tenderize the long, tough fibers that are found in flank steak, and to add moisture that is otherwise lacking due to the leanness of this cut of meat.  The marinade is, however, very easy to put together.  Get things made up in the morning just before you leave for the day and it will be perfect for a quick sear on the grill when you get home.

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Portabello Elk Backstraps with Tapenade Sauce

When it comes to wild game meat, there are few things more coveted than the backstrap on a big game animal.¹  While cuts like the round and the flank are excellent, the loin (the muscle running along either side of the spine on the outside of the animal) is one of the most tender and flavorful cuts of meat and is very carefully rationed by the hunter when sharing with guests and friends.  I grew up hunting, and to receive a package of backstraps in exchange for helping someone out was payment as valuable as gold.  So when it comes time to prepare backstraps – whether from your own hard-earned harvest or the gift of a generous friend – it is important to treat them right.

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Lime Curry Sirloin Steaks

Here is another simple wet rub grill recipe, which happens to complement yesterday’s curry ginger butternut squash quite nicely.  I carried over the cilantro and ginger from the squash recipe, but decided to use Thai red curry paste (and some ground coriander) for a little departure from the Indian curry powder used for the squash.  And instead of vinegar for the acidity in the rub, I found lime juice worked very well – producing a bit of a blend of southwest and Asian-inspired flavors.

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Grilled Steaks with Cumin Cherry Tomatoes

The flavor of cumin could be described as the “definitive” spice of foods we typically associate with the Southwest US and Mexico.  Of course, it is also a signature flavor of many dishes from the Middle East, Northern Africa, Northern India, Nepal, and many other places around the world.  It is among the most widely used spices in the world, and in our kitchen as well.  This simple recipe uses cumin with a host of other popular spices to take care of nearly an entire meal (just add another vegetable or a salad).  And even if you don’t like raw tomatoes (like me), you might be surprised how good this chutney is.

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Thai-inspired Beef and Melon Salad

This dish takes inspiration from traditional Thai green papaya salads, only switching up the ingredients a bit and adding in some grilled and thin-sliced steak for protein.  By combining the pungent saltiness of fish sauce with the sweetness of fresh melon, and the fragrance of fresh cilantro and mint, you end up with a delightfully unique meal that is great for dinner, or saved and divided for a couple of lunches throughout the week.

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Dijon Grilled Round Steak

In keeping with our “quick and easy” streak this week, here’s a great recipe that’s easy to throw together last minute with great results.  If you plan it right, you will also make use of some leftover sauce from one of our other meals this week – making it even easier to get this from the fridge to the table in no time at all.

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