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Elk Stew

Recipes from a year ago:

Here is a quick and easy recipe.  I used elk meat, but of course any kind of meat you want to use is great.  For stews, you can almost throw anything together and it usually comes out pretty well. 

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Daube with Mushrooms and Shallots

Daube (pronounced “dobe” – long “o” sound, silent “e”) is French for meat stew.   There are many variations on how to cook this.  We used the handy Crockpot again and it turned out delicious!  The beef did marinate in wine for a day, although you could marinate it overnight or as little as four hours if you wish.

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Spicy Sausage Stew

It seems these days we have been so busy and who isn’t?  We have managed to be without a microwave for two months, but no way could I do without the crockpot! Use up what you have in the fridge. Prep time on this recipe is easy too.

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Hungarian Goulash

A little while back, Karen mentioned tackling her Grandpa Don’s Hungarian Goulash recipe.  The other night, she dug up a scanned copy of a letter written to Karen’s family about 35 years ago while they were living in Alaska.  In it, Don describes how he had stayed home to cook dinner for “Mother and I – Hungarian Goulash, cold slaw, and champagne.”  He then provides the recipe for the goulash, and the following insight into the rest of the meal:

“The cold slaw takes cabbage and tang.  The champagne takes lots of grapes, or you can get them both at the store.  Just pop the cork.”

Needless to say, it’s obvious he had a sense of humor to go with his many other talents.  So while he may have won Grandma’s attention with a kiss like this…

How you kiss the girl you love!

…there is no doubt his devotion, sense of humor, and cooking had a lot to do with convincing her to stay!

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Lemon Tajine

The company Karen works for had their Christmas party this past year at a Moroccan restaurant, which was an entirely new experience for the two of us.  Admittedly, there are more than a few ingredients and foods on the traditional Moroccan menu that are definitely not what we would normally eat.  However, for a first-time-ever-trying-this occasion, we let our hair down (figuratively, of course) and let our taste buds explore some very different flavors and textures than anything we have experienced in the past.  We left knowing that we would have to do some experimenting in our own kitchen to see what we could come up with for some primal variations on this North African cuisine.

Traditionally, a tajine is a slow-cooked stew named for the specially shaped pot it is cooked in.  Of course, we don’t have such a pot, but we took a little creative liberty and opted to use the name anyway – more in reference to the stew itself and the inspiration of ingredients within.  Hopefully you’ll find it as pleasantly different as we did.

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Mediterranean Stew

We’ve done a few stews already on here, but nothing quite like this one.  What makes this stew different is the addition of a couple of ingredients that I’ve not typically seen in a beef stew (I’ll admit, though, I’m not all that ‘worldly’ either) – ingredients that can best be described as Mediterranean. And, as with most stews, this is another one that is great to leave in the slow-cooker on a busy afternoon so that it’s ready when you come home.

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Beef and Mushroom Stew

We’ve got a variety of stews in our stash of recipes – each with some unique differences that match well to particular tastes or circumstances.  Our Savory Burger Stew uses a mild tomato base and is easy and quick to make – handy on a night when you haven’t planned ahead (which happens too often at our house).  The Chili recipe embodies your more traditional southwest flavors with a blend of chilies, tomatoes, and chili powders allowed to blend and simmer in a slow cooker.  And the Coconut Curry, of course, takes us in a whole new direction with its blend of Asian ingredients, coconut milk, curry and pineapple.

Today, we introduce a stew that uses hearty chunks of beef (another great use for those utility cuts) combined with the pleasant earthiness of sautéed mushrooms.  We’ll add a little bacon (including the fat) for good measure, season with a home-made variation on Dijon mustard, and let it slow-cook for the afternoon (if you can wait that long!).  So let’s get started…

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