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Chunky Sausage Tomato Soup

First off, I want to apologize – I experienced some odd camera malfunctioning (probably user error) last week and ended up losing the “in process” photos of about three or four different recipes.  I still managed to get pictures of the finished dish (or the leftovers when I had them for lunch the next day) because I also used a second camera for those.  So, unfortunately, we will have a few recipes here in the coming week that won’t have any photos of the steps or starting ingredients.  I may improvise a bit with some stock photos if I can find them…

This recipe is a quick and easy variation on basic spaghetti sauce, but made a little more “soup-like” and served on it’s own.  It’s great for when you want a hearty lunch or quick dinner and haven’t planned ahead enough to have anything special thawed or marinated.

Our CSA share last week

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Pesto-Roasted Summer Squash

We love zucchini and summer squash…even if it is a little harder to find in the middle of winter.  Here’s a tasty side dish that you can put together with almost no prep, and have ready in just about the time it takes to have everything else in your meal ready to eat.

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Roasted Fennel Summer Squash

I have to admit, side dishes don’t get a ton of attention in our kitchen.  That’s not to say we don’t prepare them, only that it is just too easy to throw together a very simple salad along side one of our main dishes and call it dinner.  But with the end-of-summer CSA shares loaded with all sorts of good things right now, it is time to take a look beyond the salad and explore another wonderful and quick side dish that takes advantage of the season’s bounty.

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