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BLT Salad with Homemade Mayo

Recipes posted a year ago:

This is really two recipes in one! This was my first attempt at making homemade mayonnaise and I was pretty proud of myself that it turned out perfect!  Making mayonnaise takes quite a bit of patience, but in the end you will be happy that you didn’t rush it!  I have always enjoyed BLT sandwiches, but bread is now out so what to do?  Make a salad of course!  The amount of time this took was just cooking the bacon, so 20 minutes. This recipe offers great variety as you can add any other veggies, meat, or herbs/spices to your salad to fit your taste buds!

Gather Up:

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Meatballs with Tomato Sauce

Recipes from a year ago:

If you’re looking for a simple recipe for a weeknight, this is a good one.  You can pair it with roasted spaghetti squash for “spaghetti and meatballs,” or you can simply enjoy it as a thick hearty soup like we did the other night.

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Chunky Sausage Tomato Soup

First off, I want to apologize – I experienced some odd camera malfunctioning (probably user error) last week and ended up losing the “in process” photos of about three or four different recipes.  I still managed to get pictures of the finished dish (or the leftovers when I had them for lunch the next day) because I also used a second camera for those.  So, unfortunately, we will have a few recipes here in the coming week that won’t have any photos of the steps or starting ingredients.  I may improvise a bit with some stock photos if I can find them…

This recipe is a quick and easy variation on basic spaghetti sauce, but made a little more “soup-like” and served on it’s own.  It’s great for when you want a hearty lunch or quick dinner and haven’t planned ahead enough to have anything special thawed or marinated.

Our CSA share last week

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Stuffed Portobella Mushrooms

What is the difference between a portobella mushroom, a cremini mushroom, and a white button mushroom (all of which are readily available at your local produce market)?  Nothing…except maturity, and perhaps as much as $3 or $4 per pound.  They are the same species – just harvested at different stages of their growth cycle.  But unless you are planning a dinner party and want hors d’ oeuvres, the extra price to buy about six mature portobella mushrooms for this recipe is well worth the reduced prep time compared to hollowing and stuffing about twenty or more of the smaller variety.

We’re going to stuff these with a mixture of spinach, ground beef, tomatoes, onions, garlic, sun-dried tomatoes, and more mushroom (actually just the stems and gills from the mushroom caps).  You could mix this recipe up a bit by using different sausages in place of the beef, and adding other ingredients with flavors that are unique enough to stand on their own and add interest to the stuffing – perhaps minced olives, or some fresh basil.  Use your imagination!

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Margarita Chili

Tequila.  The stuff of legends…and nightmares.  This slightly spicy and peppery distilled spirit derived from the blue agave plant is both hated and loved (curiously, often by the same person depending on what point in the evening you ask their opinion).  Songs have been written about it, and on more than a few occasions people under its influence have been known to do things they would never consider under any other circumstances (or wake up places they would rather not divulge).  Be it shooters, margaritas, sunrises, or “NorCals” (thanks Robb Wolf), there’s something about a little bite from tequila.

Some of you may recall my previous chili recipe, in which I had included a small amount of tequila (with undetectable results).  Since then, I’ve been looking for something that might better showcase the flavor of the distilled blue agave, but without the subsequent erratic behavior or waking up in a back alley in Tijuana.  And of course, we need to keep it safe for the kids to eat too!  This time, I did it – combining a few of the basic ingredients of the “NorCal Margarita” with a more simplistic chili recipe that yielded just the right amount of aroma and subtle flavor without being overpowering to the senses.

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Tomato Soup

My friend Maeghan was feeling under the weather and told me that Tomato Soup (without any dairy) sounded really good.  I found this recipe in a slow-cooker recipe book that I have (and I modified it of course).  I love cooking in the crockpot!  Maeghan gave it two thumbs up!  It is really quick to put together and you will have a great meal for lunch or dinner.

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Herb-Roasted Chicken with Fennel

Here is a great chicken recipe that is easy, can be prepared in advance or on short notice, and is loaded with flavor.  It also makes quite a bit, so (depending on your family) you can either choose to halve the recipe or plan to have leftovers.  And the best part is you prepare the veggies with it, so all you need to do is add a quick salad for a complete meal.

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