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Butter and Herb Grilled Turkey

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If there is one thing that always seems to happen when we entertain a group and try a new recipe at the same time – it is that I end up forgetting to get a decent picture of the dish when it finishes cooking, and before it has been reduced to little more than a small dish of leftovers.  This is exactly what happened (again) this past Thursday when we had Karen’s extended family over for Thanksgiving, and I spent the day slow-cooking a 14-pound turkey on the pellet grill.  In the end, I managed to get a photo of the platter of dark meat tidbits, because the rest of the bird was gone too fast for me to think about getting photos!

In order to ensure a perfectly moist and seasoned bird, we stuck with the proven method of brining ahead of time.  And, if you’ve followed the blog for a while, you may also notice the cooking times and methods used in this recipe closely mirror those used previously in our Chile-grilled Turkey, though the ingredients themselves are changed.  Again – why mess with something that you know works?

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Chile-grilled Turkey

This past Sunday was Father’s Day.  While I didn’t get a chance to spend any time with my father (I did call him and talk to him for quite a while), we did have my father-in-law over for dinner along with my “favorite” mother-in-law (because she’s my only one!).  I also managed to get some long overdue things checked off my “To Do” list and spent some time with my own girls – so it was a good day all around.

Since I’ve been looking for an excuse to try a turkey on my pellet grill, I thought I’d give something new a try.  I started with a short brine soak (about 5 hours) that included a mix of salt and spices, and followed it up with a good rub of more spices before smoking and roasting it on the grill.  If you don’t have a grill that can smoke easily, then don’t worry.  I’m sure that over indirect heat on a gas grill, or even in the oven, this will still turn out great (you may want to increase the brine soak time closer to the “norm” of about 8 to 12 hours).  One of the keys to getting a good flavor into the meat is to put the rub under the skin.  Otherwise you’re just flavoring the skin…

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Onion & Bacon Grilled Turkey Breast

It’s no secret we have an affinity for bacon.  I mean, who doesn’t?  It embodies nearly all of the things our primitive taste buds crave – salt, fat, smokiness, and perhaps a hint of sweet (depending on the brine and cure ingredients).  And when used as a “wrapper” for other meat during cooking, it becomes a great ingredient for adding flavor while preventing the leaner wrapped meat from becoming dry or bland.  That is the concept behind today’s recipe, as well as the more complicated Bacon-wrapped Stuffed Turkey Breast recipe that has grown to become the most-viewed recipe on this site (by a factor of more than 2x any other post!).

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Food on the Go


While on vacation, it definitely can be a challenge to eat well.  Stopping at restaurants for meals can get old.  You never know what will be available when you are hungry, plus the pocketbook takes a beating.  Our trip took us through Nevada, a state with a lot of lonely roads (and in case you are wondering, we didn’t see any UFOs although we did look for some.  I did see Elvis, however). 

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Spinach Turkey Meatballs

This recipe is an easy way to sneak some greens into something other than a salad, and really doesn’t take much time or effort to prepare.  And, while we didn’t do so this time around, you could start out with these as a basic recipe and use your imagination with different types of sauces to spread over these at the end of baking to change things up even more.

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Turkey Noodle Stir Fry

Usually, when you glance through your typical Asian restaurant menu, most dishes come with either noodles or rice…and all too often if you ask for them to “hold the noodles,” you end up with a meal that is about half the size it should be (because those noodles are a cheap filler), but for the same price.  That certainly is one of the downfalls (and there aren’t many) of a grain-free diet – unless you’ve found a place that will actually increase the rest of the food in your meal to give you what you’re paying for.

Another option is to make your favorite Asian-inspired meals at home (we’ve got more than a few on the site).  And by making them at home, you can also have your noodles if you want.  Just a slightly different kind.  So, today, we’ve got an Asian-inspired stir fry with noodles that is easy enough to make on a weeknight and good enough to share with others any time.

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Fried Turkey Tenders with Mushroom Wine Sauce

Here is a great tasting meal that is quick and easy to make.  Kids will like the fact these are little finger-food sized pieces of fried turkey (even if you do insist they eat them with a fork).  And if your kids are a bit picky about the “M” word, you can simply forgo the sauce on their plates – it just means more of the good stuff for yourselves!

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